All in one Social Media dashboard called Midrub

All in one Social Media dashboard called Midrub

Social media is becoming increasingly popular and has emerged as a powerful tool to stay in touch with the world. It is useful to both individuals and companies to reach out to and stay in touch with people and groups important to them. More and more businesses around the world are going through a paradigm change in marketing and branding and are using social media more intensively. Companies have started realizing the power of social media and the importance of using it for branding and marketing. Social media provide one of the biggest platforms where companies can market their product and can communicate with a large group of people instantly spread across any geographies.

The businesses should effectively use the social media management to reach out to potential customers, clients, and business leads. It is important to plan the social media strategy carefully to leverage its maximum potential. Social media posts need to be planned and scheduled effectively to engage with the customers. Midrub is one such tools which offers the flexibility to post across number of social media platforms and also to schedule the posts in advance. This automates the task of publishing the posts and saves time and resources towards the same. Some of the important features of the tool are provided below:

Flexibility in use of Social Media platforms

Midrub is a popular social media tool and allows the users to publish posts across 20 social media platforms. It also allows for sharing of RSS feeds to these social media platforms and lets the users to publish posts to any website created using WordPress. It also helps users to track their posts, likes, and comments and also reply to them automatically.

Post planner

One of the most useful features of Midrub is the post planner. The users can decide and schedule when their post will be published in the social media platforms. They can decide the day, date, time, etc. for publishing of posts on their social media platforms. This feature removes the tediousness of planning and posting on the social media platforms manually.


Tracking the social media post’s likes, comments and reaction of the people becomes difficult. It is easy to lack track of individual comments and when they were made. Midrub allows the users to monitor and see in real time when new likes and comments are received on the posts. Apart from tracking the likes and comments, it also allows users to reply to the comments. This results in effective social media management.

Group accounts

Social media is more effective when posts and information are sent out to large groups for wider information dissemination. Midrub allows the users to do exactly the same. It lets users create a group on social media with a number of accounts. The users can then share across these social media platforms through a simple click.

Email planner

The Midrub tools is handy as it allows the users to plan and schedule their emails. It provides email templates and allows the users to schedule their emails and decide the date, time, month etc. when their emails will be sent out to a predefined mailing list. This useful feature saves lot of time and energy while scheduling the emails to be sent manually.


The spintax feature allows the users to send original posts and emails and it can support any language. It lets the users create a list of words and add more synonyms to them. The feature can replace each word with an appropriate synonym in a random manner.

Amazon RSS Creator

This useful feature allows the users to create an RSS feed of the product list from any seller on the internet. The users can later publish the RSS feed on multiple social media platforms. This feature also allows the users to use referral codes.


Midrub also provides powerful bots for managing the social media feeds and doing other productive works. These bots are not available in the demo version. Promotis is one such bot offered by Midrub. The users can select published post on Facebook and create comments which can be scheduled to publish later. The users can publish text, images, or links in the comments. They can delete the comments automatically also using this bot.


The bot allows the users to search users on Twitter and save results. The users can then decide to follow or unfollow the users either automatically or manually. The users can access real-time statistics from Twilos on its workings. Using the bot, the users can decide which Twitter account will follow the users obtained from the saved search results.


The bot is helpful in searching the users on VKontakte (VK) – a popular social media platform used by the Russian speaking internet users. The users can make use of this bot and identify users on VK and then follow or unfollow them either automatically or manually. This is a powerful and handy bot provided by Midrub, and saves lot of time to the users.

Midrub alternatives

Of course there are some alternatives to Midrub. Most of them work as SaaS with monthly fees. The most popular service-based Social Media Marketing tools like Midrub are Hootsuite and Buffer. Some Social Media marketers use Sprout Social, Agorapulse or Sendible. There is also one interesting server-based (standalone) tool called Stackposts. However it’s more expensive than Midrub and manages only 3 Social Media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) out of the box. Additional platforms (Pinterest, LinkedIn) are offered as one-time payment addons. And when it comes to money…

How much does Midrub cost?

This might seem unbelievable, but right now Midrub costs only $34 and it’s one time payment. No recurring monthly fees. And lifetime updates included! Soon there are going to be additional features available as paid addons, but they are not going to be expensive. I’m going to be the first who buys all of them as soon as they come out.

Finally someone made Social Media management easy. I highly recommend Midrub. Not only for marketers. For everyone.

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