All you need to know about Drop (formerly Massdrop)

Massdrop is now called Drop

Massdrop is an online platform that uses the crowdsourcing model for selling products. It provides the best possible prices for the customers based on the number of customers who have expressed interest in buying the product. In addition to providing great deals to its customers, it also encourages and supports manufacturers by sourcing products from them in bulk. The key features of Massdrop are provided below.

Customer driven approach

Massdrop is a highly customer driven platform. It allows customers to post polls seeking to purchase any product. The users can vote on the product and when a product receives sufficient number of votes, Massdrop starts the process of negotiating with the manufacturer to offer it at the lowest possible price. Users can make the commitment to purchase the product once the price is revealed by Massdrop. It also rewards its members by cutting prices when more members purchase a particular product. Hence, the greater the number of buyers for a product, the lower it will be priced.

Customer polls

Massdrop conducts regular customer polls which helps the community members to decide the product they want to buy. Customers can vote for the product they want to buy and take advantage of amazing discounts offered by Massdrop. The more the number of votes for a particular product, the lesser it will be priced on Massdrop. When more members buy the product at a specific price, the other members gets higher discounts and is able to buy the product at a much lower price than what they would have paid if they had bought it alone. The crowdsourcing of product selection process is a unique model that rewards the best products by pushing them up to be available for sale on Massdrop.

Innovative business model

Massdrop became popular due to its unique business model. It takes care of and benefits both the manufacturers and the customers. It earns money from the listing fee which it charges to the vendors when their products get listed on their platform. The products sold by Massdrop are not indexed to search engines. Members can share the product details on their social media networks for creating awareness. This process also makes Massdrop exclusive as other members can find out about the products only from social media or from word-of-mouth. Massdrop takes inputs from their customers on the products they would like to buy. It also encourages its vendors to recommend products for selling to their customers.

Better deals on products

You can expect to get some awesome deals on your preferred products when you buy on Massdrop. You can join communities to vote for the product you want to buy from it. The greater the number of users expressing their interest to buy a product, the lesser prices will be. Once a minimum number of users vote for buying a particular product on Massdrop, it starts negotiations with their retailers for the preferential pricing. The community-based unique pricing is excellent opportunity for enthusiasts to buy niche products of their choice at amazing prices.

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