Thursday, 7 December 2023

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Massdrop is now called Drop

All you need to know about Drop (formerly Massdrop)

Massdrop is an online platform that uses the crowdsourcing model for selling products. It provides the best possible prices for the customers based on the number of customers who have expressed interest in buying the product. In addition to providing…

SEO campaign results

Benefits of a good and long-term effective SEO campaign

A good SEO campaign is imperative for the success of any digital marketing campaign. There are numerous options for the customers when they search for products and services online. You need to ensure that your business appears in the first…


Benefits of using social media management tools

Social media is being used extensively by most brands for marketing their products and services. It is difficult to imagine a marketing strategy that does not include social media. However, with multiple social media platforms and the constant need of…

How to be Airbnb host

How to be the best Airbnb host?

There are many hosts on Airbnb and you need to go the extra mile to get the best reviews and be a sought – after host. You should think about the best interests of your guests and make their experience…

Driving for Lyft

Growth of drivers for Lyft in the US market

Lyft is the major competitor to Uber in the US taxi-hailing industry. It was founded in the year 2009 and repositioned itself as Lyft in 2012. It has already reached 1 billion rides since its inception. It has been expanding…

URL shortening tool with jotURL

Benefits of using URL shortening tools in social media

Longer URLs look clumsy and overwhelming. They are not commonly clicked and shared by the online users as they lack credibility. You can make use of URL shortening tools like jotURL to shorten your URLs and make them appear more…

Best VPN services

Best VPN service providers in 2019

VPN service providers have been garnering greater market share over the years. It is largely due to the fact that customers realize the importance for online security and are increasingly opting for VPN services more commonly. There are many good…

Email marketing tools

Latest trends in email marketing

Email marketing is thriving as a powerful and popular digital promotional technique. As a digital marketer, you need to ensure that your promotional emails are getting read by the recipients to get the desired call to action. Email marketing has…