Friday, 9 June 2023

Taxify is now called Bolt

Reasons for the rapid rise of Bolt (formerly Taxify)

Taxify was established in 2013 by brothers Marcus Villig and Martin Villig along with a friend – Oliver Leisalu. The idea came to Marcus Villig on a trip to Ukraine where he noticed local hailing taxis using their mobile phones….

Visitor session recording

Benefits of using Hotjar for your business

Hotjar is a comprehensive user sessions recording tool. It helps you to understand the issues faced by the end-users while using your website. Hotjar provides you rich information and analytics pertaining to the end-user experience and adds lot of value…

Image optimization with ShortPixel

Image optimization tools for SEO improvement

A majority of websites these days use images for producing impacts on visitors quickly. At the same time, having large images will slow down the speed of a website during the search process. Another thing is that they affect the…

Things to know more about email marketing

Email marketing is an integral part of internet marketing that contributes more to promote a brand or service with innovative ideas. It involves sending messages directly to customers to create awareness about the offers and other things accordingly. The primary…

Facebook and Bitly

Does Facebook cut organic reach for using bitly?

We know how important analytics is in all marketing activities. It also applies to social media. However, publishing a link with a string of tracking variables at a random place is a poor solution. It will do its job in…

All in one Social Media dashboard called Midrub

All in one Social Media dashboard called Midrub

Social media is becoming increasingly popular and has emerged as a powerful tool to stay in touch with the world. It is useful to both individuals and companies to reach out to and stay in touch with people and groups…


Top benefits of using MailWizz

MailWizz is one of the best email marketing application available in the market. It is being preferred by growing number of businesses due to its features and functionality. Some of the key benefits of using the application are provided below.