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MailWizz is one of the best email marketing application available in the market. It is being preferred by growing number of businesses due to its features and functionality. Some of the key benefits of using the application are provided below.

Ease of use

MailWizz comes loaded with features which are lucrative to businesses. It offers unlimited features like unlimited campaigns, unlimited list, and unlimited subscribers. It can be used to send unlimited campaigns to unlimited number of users. The application is highly customized and can be changed as per the requirements of the users with the presence of extensions and theming systems. The users can change the functionality of the application using this feature. The useful administrative tool provides the users with the overall performance of the application. The application comes at price of $59, which is a one-time license fee. This is much lower than the competitors offering similar services. Users can simply install MailWizz on their hosting and then they do not have to pay any monthly fee.

GDPR compliant

One of the features of the application is that it is GDPR compliant. The customers can access and edit their accounts anytime and it also offers the option of closing their accounts. The users can export their data from the application. The data stored on MailWizz is secure and which user accesses which resources from the application can be controlled. It asks the users for their date of birth for determining the legal age. In the unlikely event of a data breach, the customers can be notified instantly.

Excellent compatibility

MailWizz is compatible with SMTP and other mailing services like Mandrill, SendGrid, Amazon SES, SparkPost etc. This high degree of customization makes it popular with businesses. It works closely with the servers and specifies the bounce response to them so that the user does not have to manually do anything in such cases.

Schedules the campaigns

MailWizz allows the users to schedule the email campaigns effectively. The user can set the dates when the campaign will be mailed to the prospective clients. This helps businesses to schedule their email campaigns in a manner which best meets their needs. This also reduces the manual effort needed in planning and scheduling of the campaigns.

Monitors email

The application makes use of the email box monitoring. The uses can specify the conditions and responses which they want MailWizz to take when it finds specific contents. This can be useful in automating the email campaign response and help save time and resources.

Highly detailed reports

MailWizz provides highly detailed and professional reports to the users. It can provide reports relating to the number of clicks on the email campaign, location wise views on the campaign, number of times the campaign has been viewed by potential clients etc. These detailed reports help the management gather valuable data on the campaign metrics and also identify the gaps and shortcomings in the campaign. It allows them to plan the campaign better and make the email campaign more effective. The reports provide the status of the campaign and using the metrics the management can work towards designing more successful campaigns in the future.

Translate into local language

The email marketing application allows the users to translate into their local and preferred language. This is done through an effective translation system. It also allows the users to create new languages from the backend panel. The users can collect the messages to be translated from the application which can be translated later. The translation feature is a very useful and popular facility offered by MailWizz.

Regular updates

MailWizz is designed to offer the latest updates to the businesses to ensure they get the best user experience. The application places the customer in the core of its business philosophy and is regularly updated to improve the bugs and enhance user experience. The support team is also very prompt and ensures responsive customer service and seamless experience to the end users.

Fast email delivery

The application is designed to provide fast email delivery to prospective clients so that businesses do not lose out on business opportunities. The app is designed in a manner such that it can handle parallel campaign delivery which leads to exceptionally high delivery speeds. The users can send thousands of emails to the clients within one hour only. The application is one of the fastest among the competitors and offers this blazing fast speed at much lower prices.

Provides platform for email service provider

MailWizz may run on a full SaaS platform and allow the users to monetize the application. The businesses can use this feature to charge their clients different pricing plans and provide them with email services. It allows the users to integrate various popularly used payment gateways like PayPal. The users can manage their client’s orders and use MailWizz to drive profitability.

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  1. I have been using a free software called phpList for quite some time. However I have made a decision to make a step forward and I’m going to buy MailWizz or Sendy very soon. Which one would you choose?

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